A Look Back On 2015

As with many this time of year, I spend time reflecting on my personal and professional successes/failures. To me, it brings joy thinking of how I’ve developed as a father, husband, affiliate marketing manager, and business owner. This year has been filled with ups, downs, humility and steep learning curves. More than ever, I’ve realized how grateful I am for those around me as they’re instrumental in every success I’ve experienced in 2015.

My business Clique Affiliate Marketing is a small but experienced agency among gorillas. We have a team of three Affiliate Managers, and are often overwhelmed by the immense workloads, but rarely do I hear a complaint. In fact, I’m more likely to complain than them. The team consists of my wife Emily and Matt Midthun, who’s quickly become a great friend. It’s Emily and Matt that manage our largest accounts, while I tend to help emerging brands/retailers. While I’m considered the “face of the company” it’s Matt and Emily that I owe my gratitude for helping Clique succeed and grow. For goodness sake we won an Agency of the Year award from AvantLink based on our clients sales metrics in their network. How is this conceivable with three employees!!??

I not only thank our team, but our clients as well. On paper Clique provides services dedicated exclusively to affiliate marketing, but behind the scenes our managers are working with clients on ecommerce strategy involving website optimization, paid search, search engine optimization and more. For our clients to not only be receptive to these ideas, but also implement them takes great deal of trust in our experience. For this, I thank you.

While the landscape of Clique will certainly change in 2016 I’m more than excited to welcome new team members, forge new relationships and continue learning.

-Brian Boyd

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