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Merchant LuminAID
Passion Outdoor adventure, clean energy, philanthropy, travel, volunteer work, technology
Network AvantLink
Value Props Free Shipping, International Shipping, Give The Light Program, Mark Cuben Company
Commission Rates Up To 10% With Attribution Rules
Cookie Duration 30 days
Description LuminAID was founded in 2010 by two architecture graduate students who were asked to design a product to assist post-earthquake relief efforts in Haiti. LuminAid’s collection of solar inflatable lights are now used by adventurers, families and aid workers around the world. They continue to innovate by creating products that not only run on solar energy, but hold a charge, helping to power up USB devices. Co-founders Anna and Andrea were invited to present LuminAid on ABC’s Shark Tank, where all five sharks (investors) made them offers! Ultimately, Mark Cuban’s offer won out, becoming LuminAid’s first investor. LuminAID continues to receive recognition for their solar lantern, and have recently been featured on the TODAY Show.
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