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Natchez Migration

As the saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

When managing a successful affiliate program, that philosophy is the safe bet. However, Clique Affiliate Marketing is always looking for long-term growth with our programs, and playing it safe isn’t always the right move. In this post, we discuss how we are taking a successful affiliate program to the next level, and it definitely wasn’t broke.

Natchez Affiliate Program – The Story
Natchez came to Clique in May of 2015 requesting our management services to unlock the potential of their program. We started from scratch and analyzed/updated every component of their program with impressive results.

First Year Stats
  • 214% YoY Revenue Growth
  • 56% of Affiliate Sales were New Customers
  • Conversion lift from sub-1% to over 2%

  • Upon looking at that performance snapshot, the quote used to start this blog is definitely applicable. Not for Clique – and we just made a major move to continue the upward trajectory.

    2016 Challenge
    Natchez has been in PepperJam (eBay) since the beginning, and we were able to breathe life back into their program and achieve the aforementioned lift in performance via that platform. We wanted more for Natchez – more content affiliates, better tools for us and our partners, tighter Tax Nexus solutions, enhanced attribution visibility and improved asset delivery/communication.

    Solution – Migration to AvantLink
    What? A program that just blew away our first-year expectations and you want to migrate to a new network? Yes.

    After months of research and number crunching, we made the decision to move Natchez to AvantLink in May 2016. With the help of AvantLink, we were able to move platforms in a couple weeks and retain 100% of our productive affiliates.

    30 days after launch, we have avoided the migration performance lull and have promising stats to build on.

  • Conversion Rate up 279%
  • 65% of transactions are new customers
  • June 2016 is trending towards a 47% revenue lift YoY
  • Active affiliates up 17% in first month
  • Productive Affiliates up 35%
  • 36% of revenue coming from new affiliates recruited from AvantLink
  • 81% of sales coming from Introducers
  • Enhanced Natchez branding on all communication
  • Improved product feed
  • Insightful reporting with detailed attribution visibility helping us improve profitability
  • Rock-solid Tax Nexus solution

  • We are only 30 days into this migration, but so far Clique and Natchez are very pleased with the results. More to come as we continue to grow….

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