Pinterest Allows Affiliate Links

Great news for social-media loving affiliate marketers!

Last week, Pinterest announced that it will now allow affiliate links on its product and idea-sharing platform. While Pinterest had removed affiliate links in the past due to issues with spam, its new spam detection system should eliminate any issues.

It’s no secret that social media platforms are one of the online influencer’s handiest tools. Nearly all of the top grossing affiliates we work with rely heavily on Facebook and Twitter for sales, and Instagram and SnapChat (among others) for generating traffic and interest in their content. We can’t wait to see how many doors Pinterest opens for our affiliate partners and merchants.

We also look forward to watching all of the creative ways that affiliates are sure to use their curated Pinterest boards to showcase their favorite products. In the meantime, if you’re looking to get started but aren’t sure what you might use Pinterest for, here are a few ideas:
  • Create “Top 10” boards. These can be general to the main content categories on your site (i.e. “My Favorite 10 Tents for Car Camping” or “10 Essential Backpacking Products”), or specific to a recent blog entry that you’d like to highlight. For example, if you just blogged about an 8-hour roadtrip with the kids, create a board that highlights the products that saved your life on the road.

  • Create “Currently Wearing”, “Currently Obsessing Over”, “Currently Craving”, or “Currently Dreaming About” boards. These are pretty straightforward and would feature products or destinations.

  • As another, and perhaps simpler way to monetize existing content on your site, you could create boards for your gear reviews. This is a great way to organize, index and share some of your favorite gear or products that you’ve already done the hard work on (the testing, photographing and writing).

Happy Pinning!

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