A New Look For Clique

A New Look For Clique

Out With The Old, In With The New

The Clique Affiliate Marketing website has a new look, and we’re taking on some new endeavors! While our old site served us well for the last 6+ years, Clique is evolving – so we decided to build a site that will grow with us and support the exciting changes ahead.

In the past, Clique focused on providing our services solely to outdoor-focused brands. Our agency began with a passion for adventure and a commitment to helping outdoor brands thrive by creating scalable affiliate programs. Over the years, we’ve built strong relationships and delivered exceptional results, establishing ourselves as a trusted partner in the outdoor community. While the outdoor industry remains at the core of Clique’s expertise and dedication, we have been excited to explore new verticals and industries over the last couple of years – connecting passionate brands with passionate people beyond the great outdoors.


New Verticals: We now work with brands within the Sports, Lifestyle, Home & Garden, Health & Wellness & Motorsports industries. We also now work with international brands, to help them reach and target US-based customers.

Affiliate Program Readiness Quiz: If you’re thinking about launching an affiliate program for your brand, we recommend taking our Program Readiness Quiz. We see new affiliate programs launching daily on our network partner platforms that are destined to fail, because they simply do not meet the prerequisites needed for success in affiliate marketing. Our quiz is specifically designed for potential clients and is intended to inform decision-makers if the timing is right for an affiliate program.

Free Affiliate Program Audit: If your brand has an existing affiliate program that is underperforming, we can help by pinpointing any gaps that might be holding you back from optimal profitability. Request your audit HERE!

Check Out Our Newest Case Study: One of our longest-running clients, Stio, enjoyed a 25% hike in sales after we successfully migrated their (already successful) affiliate program to Impact. Learn all about our work with Stio, and how we helped them overcome various pain points to expand their reach and profit HERE.

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