Exploring Cross-Channel Integration and Tracking at iPX2024

Exploring Cross-Channel Integration and Tracking at iPX2024

Last week the Clique Affiliate team attended the iPX2024 conference, held annually by Impact Radius. The conference offered so much in the way of exchanging cutting-edge insights, innovations, and forecasts within the affiliate marketing industry. 

One of the most compelling presentations was titled “Uniting Forces: Affiliate Cross-Channel Integration and Tracking in the Modern Marketing Landscape” delivered by Coady Joy, Head of Affiliate Partnerships Education, for impact.com, and Brieana Beltran, Director of Affiliate Marketing at Wpromoteat. Below are a few of the key talking points of their presentation. 

Cross-Channel Tracking Challenges:

While integrating cross-channel tracking seems like a no-brainer, it is a lot easier said than done. Issues like attribution modeling, tracking cookies, and regional privacy regulations make implementing cross-channel tracking complicated and nuanced.

Developing Solutions:

The speakers offered details on the newly emerging technologies and solutions to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of cross-channel integration and tracking in affiliate marketing. Some developing solutions discussed were AI-driven attribution models, advancements in analytics tools, and blockchain-based tracking systems.

Future Trends and Predictions:

The presenters concluded the discussion by offering success stories of those who implemented cross-channel tracking and discussed trends they foresee playing out in the future. Trends surrounding the impact of AI on marketing strategies and shopping behavior and the ever-evolving regulatory landscape were explored. 

All in all, the presentation was compelling and in many ways eye-opening as it emphasized the importance of strategically implementing the available technologies to achieve goals and optimize their marketing ecosystem.

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