Buzzing About Zarbee’s

Buzzing About Zarbee’s

Zarbee’s has been quite the busy bee as of late – their recent happenings making this the perfect time for current and potential affiliates to start actively promoting their brand, if they haven’t already been doing so.

Earlier this month, Zarbee’s founder Dr. Zac Zarbock and his line of all natural remedies, were praised by CNBC for both the recent growth and success of the company, as well as the safe and effective nature of its products. Just 2 ½ years ago, Dr. Zarbock was giving away samples of his sole product (a cough suppressant made of buckwheat honey, vitamin C, zinc and natural flavors) to pediatricians. Today, Zarbee’s products can be found in over 50,000 stores throughout the country, as well as online.

On August 20th, 2013, Zarbee’s completely renovated their website,, with a fresh look, vibrant colors and a simplified category structure, creating a more effective and enjoyable online buying experience. Additional sections offer information about their all-natural ingredients, and “Zarbee’s Tips” for staying healthy, parenting, and keeping fit. This new site is perfectly suited for affiliate promotion, as it is sure to increase conversion rates and generate buzz about the brand.

Coinciding with the launch of the new website (we told you they’ve been busy), Zarbee’s  released a new line of products, including a seasonal relief remedy for allergy sufferers, a children’s mucus relief and cough syrup, as well as child and adult-specific sleep remedies. Did someone say sleep?! With a toddler and six-month-old at home I know just what a hot commodity that can be these days (though my kids will have to wait – the pure and safe melatonin-enhanced children’s sleep remedy is for kids over 3).  It should go without saying that, as with all of Zarbee’s products, the new goods are also safe, effective, and free of any dyes, gluten, and drugs that are found in most over-the-counter medicines.

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