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Born from a plan to enjoy life to its fullest, Buff® was founded 1992 to help you explore more, live more, and do more.

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A family factory in the west of Barcelona and one simple idea. Joan Rojas passion was the seed for our legendary multifunctional seamless tubular more than 25 years ago. He was looking for a warmer, more protective solution to the sun, wind, and cold while touring the country roads of Catalonia on his motorcycle. Born from a plan to enjoy life to its fullest, people soon loved it. Soon after, the market is shaken, BUFF® is born.

Every day is different. Every road is unique. Every moment is a new challenge. At BUFF® we are certain that evolution is the only way to go forward. The road keeps changing and we are ready for it. Anywhere and anytime. We made sure to enjoy the process, as we do enjoy every single instant in nature. Our planet is unique and a real treasure, live more outdoors.

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