Welcome To the Clique Affiliate Marketing Blog

Welcome To the Clique Affiliate Marketing Blog

Welcome To the Clique Blog. We’re Inviting You To Get In.

We dedicate our blog to the industries we represent, our clients, and affiliate partners. You can expect us to bring you the latest news and trends from affiliate marketing, our clients, events, promotions, and passions. We hope you find value in blogs and encourage your participation!

Who is Clique Affiliate Marketing?

In April of 2012, Brian Boyd founded Clique Affiliate Marketing. Brian has worked as an Affiliate Manager for nearly two decades, most notably within the outdoor industry. Brian’s mission was to create a specialized digital agency that combined his love of the outdoors with Affiliate and Influencer Marketing. Since it’s launch, Clique has become one of the most notable boutique affiliate marketing agencies in the outdoors vertical. 

Clique Affiliate Marketing is a unique agency that focuses both on direct-to-consumer affiliate programs, and traditional retail affiliate programs (catalog websites). Rather than a one size fits all model, the approach is to understand every client’s brand, products, and business model. This allows for complete affiliate program customization.

Today, Clique Affiliate Marketing represents nine clients in various categories, with one commonality – a passion to create something unique that’s coveted and admired by a loyal following. We truly do “connect passionate people with passionate brands.”

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