Eco-Friendly WĀKE Series Case From Lifeproof

Eco-Friendly WĀKE Series Case From Lifeproof

Clique has been partnered with Lifeproof since our early years, and we wanted to share their newest eco-friendly WĀKE Series Case and their efforts to repurpose harmful plastics found in our oceans.

Each year, over 12M metric tons of plastic/garbage end up in our oceans around the world. Lifeproof is giving some of that garbage a second life in the design of the WAKE cases for your iPhone and Galaxy mobile device. The new WAKE case is made from 85% ocean-based recycled plastic and not only saves your phone from drops from two meters, it also helps save our planet.

With each WAKE case purchase, Lifeproof is also donating $1 to the following water-conscious nonprofits who are tirelessly working to protect our oceans, rivers and water supplies.

Check out the nonprofits LifeProof will donate to with each case purchase: is founded by Gary White & Matt Damon. We make it our mission to provide the world with Safe Water and Sanitation through innovative microfinancing solutions.

The Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) is a non-profit, environmental NGO that is on a mission to save the world’s coral reefs. We work collaboratively with communities to reduce direct threats to reefs in ways that provide lasting benefits to people and wildlife.

Coral Reef Alliance

American Rivers protects wild rivers, restores damaged rivers and conserves clean water for people and nature. We combine national advocacy with field work in key river basins to deliver the greatest impact.

American Rivers

Clique is proud to partner with brands like Lifeproof to help keep our planet healthy for our passions and for the future of our children.
If you would like to work with us and Lifeproof, please apply today!