Hammock Gear Affiliate Program

Hammock Gear Affiliate Program

Introducing The Hammock Gear Affiliate Program



PASSION: Innovating ultralight backpacking products to outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. 

NETWORK: AvantLink

VALUE PROPS: $250 Average Order Value, Worldwide Shipping, Exclusive Coupon Offers, Review Opportunities for Qualified Partners

About Hammock Gear 

Hammock Gear was launched in 2009 with the intention of perfecting the experience of sleeping outdoors. Located just outside of Columbus Ohio, Hammock Gear offers ultralight camping gear to ground and hammock campers. They utilize the highest quality materials available to produce weightless, ergonomic designs allowing their customers to go further, see more, do more outside. All Hammock Gear products are made in the USA and because the fine people at Hammock Gear understand that no two adventurers are alike, nearly all their products are customizable. Hammock Gear products allow their customers to pursue their passions outdoors in comfort.

Product Highlights


Hammock Gears’ hammocks feature an eleven-foot-long symmetrical design that allows you to lay comfortably in any direction. You can even achieve a flatter lay similar to any mattress! The nylon fabric feels soft to the touch while supporting up to 500lbs. 

Top Quilts

Their ultralight top quilt is specifically designed to work in a multitude of sleep scenarios and is preferred by minimalist ground sleepers around the globe. Launched in 2017 Hammock Gear’s top quilt was the industry’s first highly affordable economy insulation.


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