Headed North – A Visit With Loll Designs

Headed North – A Visit With Loll Designs

I’m jammed into a commuter jet seat and still have a wry smile on my face as we descend over Lake Superior. Normally I’m not this excited to be on a work trip, but this is Clique, and we are fortunate enough to have great clients. Landing in Duluth, MN is special for me – not only are the wheels touching down in my homeland, but I’m visiting Loll Designs to get a taste of what makes them such an innovative company.

Duluth, MN is a special place where hockey is revered and good beer is the glue holding the tight circles of friends together. Duluth is also where our client Loll Designs creates and produces award-winning furniture with blessings from Mother Earth. Loll Designs creates products made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials. They heat their headquarters using the heat generated during the manufacturing process and they find a use for all the scrap produced making their products. Loll Designs also prides themselves on sourcing materials locally and delivering a product made in the U.S.A. If you would like to learn more about this great company, this recent article in The Growler expands upon the tidbits mentioned above.

Loll Designs is looking to partner with sites focused on green products, outdoor entertaining/living, stylish design, gardening, home furnishing, pet lovers, and parenting. If you own a website or blog dedicated to the aforementioned, or anything else you think would align with the Loll brand, please reach out. Loll Designs Affiliate Program is hosted in the eBay Affiliate Network, so please apply today if you are interested in promoting a brand we are very excited to represent.

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