LifeProof Affiliates Are Encouraged To Go Nüüd

LifeProof Affiliates Are Encouraged To Go Nüüd

Let us be (one of) the first to announce the newest addition to the LifeProof family – the iPad Mini Nüüd! Like its predecessor, Nüüd for iPad, this version is proven to protect your iPad Mini through anything your life might throw its way, without the added bulk and clumsiness of a screen cover. Yep, that’s right – the Nüüd is equipped with LifeProof’s screenless technology, making it easier than ever to protect your goods while enjoying the vibrant retina display and sensitive touch of the iPad Mini, just as it was designed.

Although the Nüüd for iPad Mini just became available at earlier this week, people are already singing its praises on the web. Dan from Gear Diary lauds the Nüüd for its waterproof headphones feature, which allows you to safely use the Nüüd with your headphones at the beach, the pool, or if you accidentally give your toddler a lidless glass of water while you let them watch the latest episode of Dora the Explorer.

Over at, the mini Nüüd’s screen covering absence is applauded for “cutting down glare and other problems cases can present” when using an iPad mini.

Creating affiliate marketing campaigns tailored to new product releases, like the Nüüd for iPad Mini, is a great strategy that capitalizes on an intrinsic spike in both interest (website traffic) and sales that comes with the hype surrounding the new product’s arrival. We encourage all current LifeProof affiliates to actively promote this product.

Website owners interested in promoting the LifeProof brand through their affiliate marketing program may submit an application via the LifeProof client page.

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