Discussing Outdoor Brands and Affiliate Marketing with Outdoor Industry Association

Discussing Outdoor Brands and Affiliate Marketing with Outdoor Industry Association

Outdoor Industry Association, a nonprofit organization dedicated to “ensuring growth & success for the outdoor industry” recently approached Clique Affiliate Marketing looking for expert advice on two articles they were developing for their WebNews section.

First Article for Outdoor Industry Association

The first article titled Affiliate Marketing Good For More Than Closeout tackles the popular topic of how to effectively work with coupon and loyalty websites. A common misconception we encounter is the thinking that these sites provide little value, and are harmful to a brand. As we indicate in the article, the reality is that if used properly these sites can be extremely beneficial for moving closeout inventory and communicating value propositions. Through analytics and testing, we’ve also found that discount-driven websites often send new, full-price customers. On the other end of the spectrum, Clique Affiliate Marketing is intently focused on connecting passionate brands with passionate people through endemic partnerships. Our deep roots in the outdoor industry allow us to partner our clients with content-rich influencer websites that target the key categories our clients represent.

Second Article for Outdoor Industry Association

Once a direct-to-consumer brand or retailer takes the plunge into affiliate marketing, it’s imperative to have the proper resources in place. That’s exactly what the second article titled Five Tips For Creating A Successful Affiliate Marketing Program entails. At Clique Affiliate Marketing we work with businesses of every size and have found the most common mistakes made on new programs are a lack of resources and a lack of patience. As the article indicates, new affiliate programs require at least ten hours of dedicated management per week by a qualified professional. We also find clients want immediate results found in other online marketing channels (paid search, social media, shopping comparison engines). Similar to building a quality brand, affiliate marketing requires time and isn’t a plug-and-play solution. The average ramp-up time for an affiliate program is six months. However, in some cases, we’re able to accelerate the timeline by allocating more resources to a program.

If you represent a brand or retailer looking to acquire new customers while adding incremental sales, and have the proper resources in place, we encourage you to consider our services at Clique Affiliate Marketing. We are the affiliate marketing experts!

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