Outdoor Master Affiliate Program

Outdoor Master Affiliate Program

Introducing Outdoor Master Affiliate Program


COMMISSION: 13% Content Partners, 8% Coupon & Loyalty Partners

PASSION: Providing quality gear at an affordable price

NETWORK: AvantLink

VALUE PROPS: 180 Cookie Duration, Worldwide Shipping, Frequent Sales & Exclusive Coupons, Product Review Opportunities

About Outdoor Master

Outdoor Master (OM) began with a group of outdoor enthusiasts joined by their passion for adventure. Through their travels, they discovered that there was a clear need for outdoor gear that bridges the gap between cheap and overpriced. In 2015, they did just that by launching OM!

You may be wondering how Outdoor Master could produce top-quality gear at a reasonable price. OM owns their manufacturing process from start to finish. This allows them to develop snow goggles with the same technology you’ve come to expect from premium brands but at an affordable price. For example, their PRO Plus Snow Goggle features UltraLens Color Optimization Technology, frameless spherical lenses, anti-fog coating, 3-layer breathable foam, magnetic lens changing system with 20+ options. Comparable ski and snowboard goggles retail for up to $240, compared to just $80 at OutdoorMaster.com. On average, they sell over 200,000 pairs of ski and snowboard goggles in the United States every year.

Outdoor Master prides itself on creating premium outdoor gear for skiers, snowboarders, hikers, and water sport enthusiasts. Every product they produce has a purpose, whether to solve a problem or provide their customers with a better outdoor experience. OM products offers progressive solutions that accompany you at all ages and ability levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced.)

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