How many times has your cycling session been cut short because your backside gets covered in mud? Or maybe your socks became unbearable wet from the morning dew in a matter of minutes. How many times have you abandoned the trail because your forks can’t handle the terrain? We have all been there. However, brands like Alchemy Bicycles, ENVE, Darn Tough, Showers Pass, Stio, and more are making products that make a difference. Gone are the days of sacrificing the bliss of getting outside because of your clothing or gear.

Making the most out of your cycling experiences begins with the bike and ends with the apparel. Whether you are riding in the rain, on gravel, through the woods, or bombing down a mountain, having the right bike makes all the difference. 

Here at Clique Affiliate Marketing, we work with several brands that produce the most functionally innovative bikes and gear for cycling enthusiasts and athletes. Visit our client page to learn more about these brands. We too are die-hard outdoorsmen who know the importance of the gear we choose while enjoying the greater outdoors. We working with brands that are passionate about responsibly servicing the cycling community and elite athletes.

Here at Clique, we create custom affiliate programs by leveraging proven methods to redefine and achieve your organizations’ goals. This process begins with understanding your brand, business model, and target audience. We then determine which affiliates best align with your brand. Because we view affiliates as extensions to your sales force, we thoroughly vet each one. From there, we take a hands-on approach with your programs’ affiliates to guarantee they have all the resources needed to accurately and effectively promote your organization. Through rounds of optimization, we execute affiliate marketing programs that not only lead to loyal customers but elevates your brand as a whole.

Competitive Cyclist

A BETTER BIKE SHOP EXPERIENCEYOUR DREAM BIKE AWAITSCompetitive Cyclist is devoted to delivering the bike shop experience the way they’ve always wanted it to be. A curated collection of cycling’s standout brands, hands-on expertise & service from their Gearheads, an in-house bike assembly operation that’s unrivaled in the industry—they offer the knowledgeable service of the…