With more and more consumers making caused based purchases, brands are embracing eco-friendly business practices to offset their carbon footprint and capture the conscious consumers.

Here at Clique Affiliate Marketing, we work with several brands that have made it their mission to deliver quality, innovative products in an environmental responsible manner. Visit our Eco-friendly Brands page to learn more about these brands. We too are die-hard outdoorsmen who know the importance of the gear we choose while enjoying the greater outdoors. We also know that without prioritizing the wellbeing of our planet, we wont have an outdoors to enjoy. We working with brands that are passionate about responsibly servicing outdoor enthusiasts without sacrificing the wellbeing on our planet.

Here at Clique, we create custom affiliate programs by leveraging proven methods to redefine and achieve your organizations’ goals. This process begins with understanding your brand, business model, and target audience. We then determine which affiliates best align with your brand. Because we view affiliates as extensions to your sales force, we thoroughly vet each one. From there, we take a hands-on approach with your programs’ affiliates to guarantee they have all the resources needed to accurately and effectively promote your organization. Through rounds of optimization, we execute affiliate marketing programs that not only lead to loyal customers but elevates your brand as a whole.

Duke Cannon

Work Harder, Smell Better.HIGH QUALITY GROOMING SOLUTIONSDuke Cannon is built with one simple purpose: to make superior-quality grooming goods that meet the high standards of hard-working men. CLIENT: Duke Cannon CATEGORY: Cosmetics & Skincare PASSION: Giving Back, with a portion of proceeds donated to U.S. Veterans PART OF OUR CLIQUE SINCE: 2023 NETWORK: Impact VALUE PROPOSITIONS:…