Your're Approaching Readiness To Launch!

Thank you for your interest in joining The Clique!

It looks like your brand is on the right track! While we may not yet be able to say you're 100% ready to launch a profitable affiliate program, you definitely have some of the benchmark characteristics needed for success in place. Take a look at the key readiness points below to get an idea of what missing pieces you'll want to continue to work on.

With that in mind, all brands and programs are unique, so it's worth setting up a time to chat to review your specific situation. We are committed to your brand's success, and would love to help make sure you're on the right track!

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    How long has your brand been in business?

    New businesses do not have the brand awareness to be successful in affiliate marketing.  Creating brand awareness is a byproduct of affiliate marketing but not the purpose.  Use other digital digital channels to build awareness, then start an affiliate program after at least 2 years in business.  

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    How many products do you sell on your website?

    Targeting a single product or smaller product catalog is very challenging in affiliate marketing.  There are exceptions to this rule, but our most successful clients have 50+ products.

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    Do you offer Value Propositions (i.e. Free Shipping, Rewards Program, Exclusive Inventory, etc)?

    Our job as an agency is to create a program that drives  qualified traffic to your website.  The website needs to offer customers a reason to purchase, and value propositions are often the catalyst.

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    Is your company well-funded?

    Affiliate programs are an investment that take time to ramp up and become highly profitable.  Brands with limited cash reserves may have the money to start a program, but not to build a program.  Having a paid placement budget for campaigns and publisher onboarding are a must-have these days.

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    Are you a seasonal brand/retailer?

    There’s no off button for an affiliate program.  If you’re a seasonal brand/retailer you’ll be losing money in the offseason as both Clique and every affiliate network have annual contracts paid monthly. 

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    What is your annual e-commerce revenue?

    We know, based on a decade of experience that brands and retailers over $4,000,000 have the greatest probability of being successful with a high ROAS.   We can work with retailers under $4,000,0000 on a case-by-case basis.

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    What type(s) or affiliate publishers are you open to working with?

    It’s imperative to work with a diverse group of publishers in order to reach customers at every step of the shopping journey.  

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    Is your website optimized for conversion?

    As the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.  Our job as an agency is to create a program with publishers that send qualified traffic to your website.   It’s so important for the site to convert this traffic into sales.

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    Can you allow for a 6-month "ram up" period for your affiliate program?

    We work with humans not algorithms.   It can take up to 6 months before you see consistent results from your affiliate program.  In most cases it’s faster than 6 months, but we like to set the expectation that patience is required.  

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    Do you have a budget for Paid Placements?

     Although this isn’t a requirement it sure helps to have an allocated budget for content placements, newsletter and listicle inclusions, and publisher onboarding fees.  

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    Are you willing to offer publisher incentives, like temporary commission increases or performance commission increases?

    Although this isn’t a requirement, offering publisher incentives helps set your brand apart and can motivate publishers to promote your brand over other options.


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