Reviving Mud Season with a Stio Sales Contest

Reviving Mud Season with a Stio Sales Contest

Whether you call it ‘shoulder season’, ‘mud season’, or even ‘dead season’

In a ski town, the spring months bring a refreshing change of pace. Parking spots are suddenly easy to find, restaurants offer awesome deals, and it takes about half the time to navigate the grocery store. But the peace and quiet, and the questionable trail conditions do get old, so we’ve teamed up with Stio to liven up this mud season with a different kind of affiliate sales contest. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill, “the first affiliate to 5 sales wins a prize” contest, so please take a moment to read more about it. Every eligible affiliate who refers a single sale (over $75) will receive a Stio T-Shirt! Here’s the rundown:


WHO: Affiliates tagged with the “General Outdoors” classification (content bloggers, outdoor gear sites, etc.)

WHAT: We’re upping your commission to 10%, and when you make a sale (just one!) over $75, you’ll receive a Stio t-shirt. Shirt specifics will be determined at the conclusion of the contest, dependent on the number of qualifying affiliates. We’re hoping to be able to give you your choice of shirt up to a $30 value – check out the men’s page here, and women’s here for an idea of what your shirt could look like. Shirts will be sent out at the conclusion of the contest.

Additionally, for every sale referred during the contest you will receive an entry into a drawing for a $150 Stio gift card. You’ll also be able to sign up for Stio’s pro program, which will make $150 stretch pretty far!

WHEN: Starting today (4/18) for 45 days (ends Monday 5/30 11:59pm MST)

HOW: Any way you’d like! Have some Stio gear that you’ve been waiting to review? Now’s the time! Already posted a review? Nothing wrong with reminding your community of your favorite gear through a quick social media post or blog entry. We also have a few new banner sets that you could add to your site. These can be accessed through your AvantLink account. If you need other ideas don’t hesitate to reach out.

If you are not yet a Stio affiliate but are active in AvantLink, CLICK HERE to login and apply. If you are not yet in AvantLink, and own a site dedicated to the mountain lifestyle: CLICK HERE.

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