Trust Is Key

Strong attribution models can help your brand build trust with publishers, by fairly rewarding them for their role(s) in securing sales.

Ready, Action!

Most attribution platforms provide insight into customer behavior but do not allow you to act on it. AvantLink and ShareASale are two networks with actionable attribution platforms.

Hot Topic

Attribution has been the most most popular talking point in affiliate marketing for years.

Source: Anyone who has attended an affiliate marketing conference since 2014.

Attribution Modeling Services

We are proud to offer Attribution modeling services through AvantMetrics (AM) for clients whose affiliate programs are hosted by AvantLink. 

AvantMetrics is an advanced analytics platform that provides additional insights and reporting. With AM we gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior, affiliate value, attribution, and new customer acquisition. By analyzing data from AM we create business rules like attribution modeling and commission structure. 

Attribution modeling is a complicated process that requires a thorough understanding of client-specific customer behavior, affiliate business models, and cross channel marketing.

What We Do

  • Clickstream Analysis

    Using AM reports, we drill into every sale (not just affiliate) to better understand the customer’s path to purchase. Based on data analysis, we can create an attribution model that awards higher commissions to affiliates that introduce or influence sales. Affiliates that appear at the end of the conversion funnel may only receive a fraction of the base commission

  • New Customer Tracking

    Clients that can identify new customers through their eCommerce platform can add a Yes/No variable. This variable can then pass through the AvantMetrics script. With this information, a customer bonus for affiliates can be implemented. Understanding new customer acquisition helps our clients better understand lifetime value and develop customer loyalty programs.

  • Attribution Modeling

    Not every affiliate sale deserves the same commission. Clients that place a higher value on affiliate sales at the top of the conversion funnel can assign 100% of their base commission to “Introducer”‘ and “Influencer” sales. Affiliate sales referred at the end of the conversion funnel (once an item is added to the shopping cart) can be assigned a lower percentage of the base commission rate.

  • Split Attribution

    When multiple affiliates are involved in a clickstream, AM allows the brand/retailer to allocate a percentage of the base commission to both affiliates. This is dependent on where they show up in the clickstream. A typical split attribution commission may assign 70% of the commission to the Introducer or Influencer and 30% of the commission to the Checkout Influencer.

  • Deduplication of Multi-Network Sales

    For clients that run affiliate programs in several networks, there are instances when an affiliate from Network A and an affiliate from Network B can both receive credit for a single transaction. If gone unnoticed, the brand/retailer may be paying a double commission. AM can deduplicate affiliate sales by network based on the order ID

  • Exclusive Coupons

    If your brand uses coupons, you’ve likely noticed how they can spread online. In cases where the coupon was intended to be exclusive to a single partner, it’s very frustrating and costly to see it on multiple sites. Using the AM script, you can pass a “ECC” variable with the coupon code used at checkout. You can then assign a code as exclusive, where any redemption of the code is credited to the affiliate associated with the exclusive code.

Getting Started

Clique Affiliate Marketing clients ready for AM can use this as a standalone product or in conjunction with AvantLink. For clients exclusive to AvantLink, AM is free to use but does require an addendum to their existing contract.

Once AM reporting has been configured and activated in your account, there is a 30-day period required to gather data before setting attribution rules. We will then provide a recommendation on an attribution model. If both parties agree, these rules are then configured with the AvantLink Support team.

We will then add your desired attribution analytics to a custom monthly report.

AM is an add-on service provided by Clique Affiliate Marketing. There is a considerable amount of time spent on the setup, data mining, reporting, and ongoing management outside of the day-to-day affiliate marketing services we provide. If you’d like to get started, please contact us today.

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