Showers Pass Affiliate Program

Showers Pass Affiliate Program

Introducing The Showers Pass Affiliate Program


COMMISSION: 7% Content Partners, 4% Coupon & Loyalty Partners.

PASSION: Provides technically advanced active apparel and gear to inspire and enable the pursuit of outdoor adventures. 

NETWORK: AvantLink

VALUE PROPS: 30 Cookie Duration, Worldwide Shipping, Frequent Sales & Exclusive Coupons, Product Review Opportunities, AOV $150.

About Showers Pass

Showers Pass (SP) was launched in 1997 by a group of outdoor enthusiasts. Their ability to bike, run, hike, climb and play in the outdoors was often disrupted by the cold and wet Northwest Pacific weather. They need apparel and gear that would allow them to stay outdoors no matter the weather. It was from this desire, Showers Pass was born!

Showers Pass provides premium gear and apparel with cutting-edge materials and functionally innovative designs. They specialize in waterproof yet breathable sporting apparel and have expanded their line into gear. The Ranger Waterproof Hip Pack is one of their most popular accessories. You may think this is just another fanny pack, but you would be wrong. The Ranger Waterproof Hip Pack accommodates all your gear and provides convenient accessibility in a comfortable design that won’t dig into your hips. SP’s all-weather performance jackets, the Cloudburst, have received much notoriety too. This jacket is designed with eliteAIR™, which addresses issues athletes often experience, like overheating. The Crosspoint Waterproof Socks collection has garnered a lot of attention this past year too. These socks employ a 3-layer, waterproof-breathable bonded construction that protects your feet from the elements and is extraordinarily comfortable. 

Showers Pass’ reputation is built on providing products of exceptional quality and, furthermore, inspires the wearer to get outside no matter the weather. SP is dedicated to delivering innovative active apparel and gear to their customers to enjoy every moment of their outdoor experience.

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