Steps Towards Sustainability – Earth Day 2021

Steps Towards Sustainability – Earth Day 2021

Earth Day 2021

In honor of Earth Day, we want to give a much-deserved shoutout to several brands we work with. These brands have made sustainability and the stewardship of our planet a pinnacle priority.   


Showers Pass’s Steps Towards Sustainability

“For the past 21 years, building quality products that last has been our approach to sustainability.” – Showers Pass, 2021


Showers Pass has earned a reputation for delivering ergonomic and innovative products of impeccably high quality. Their warranty rate is so low because they create outdoor apparel and gear that lasts season after season. While it is imperative to produce durable products that alleviate the consumers’ need to replace them in the near future, the climate crisis requires more from garment producers. Showers Pass has been incorporating more and more recycled materials into their products and while this is an important step in reducing the environmental impact of their product, it’s not enough. The biggest environmental impacts of producing waterproof-breathable technical apparel is the energy used to power production facilities and the chemicals used in textile dyeing and production. 


To combat the impact of production, Showers Pass employs the bluesign® system. This system unites “the entire textile supply chain to jointly reduce its impact by eliminating substances posing risks to people and the environment from the beginning of the supply chain.”


Showers Pass fosters a culture of environmental awareness. The majority of Showers Pass employees bikes to work to reduce their carbon emissions. The company car is powered by electricity and the company’s headquarters is powered by 100% renewable energy. 


Showers Pass knows that they can do so much more to offset their environmental impact. Here is a list of their goals for the near future:

  1. 100% of our products will be made with a minimum of 50% or more recycled content.
  2. All Apparel will be made with bluesign® approved dyes in bluesign® approved factories.
  3. 100% of wool will meet the Responsible Wool Standard, and be sourced from farms that treat animals humanely, where mulesing is not practiced.
  4. Showers Pass US will have a product end-of-life recycling program.
  5. All Showers Pass packaging will be made from Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood or recycled material and can be recycled or composted.
  6. Showers Pass’ US headquarters will be carbon positive, generating more energy than it consumes and we will encourage factory partners to get at least 50% of their energy from renewable sources as well.


Showers Pass is offering a 10% discount sitewide in celebration of Earth Day. They have also gone ahead and updated their climate-neutral / sustainability report. Head to their website to review their progress and updated goals.


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Stio’s Steps Towards Sustainability

“Doing the right thing is the framework for our operational foundation. Through our business practices, we are committing to driving positive change for people and the planet.” – Stio, 2021


Stio has put their words into action and in 2020 they successfully offset their carbon footprint by 100%. Stio continues to improve its practices to ensure they reduce and offset its carbon footprint with each year to come. They have partnered with Climate Neutral, to measure their carbon emissions and learn what steps can be taken to reduce their impact on the planet. Stio chooses materials that meet their standards for quality and performance but also takes into consideration the environmental impacts of employing these materials. They have also partnered with The Renewal Workshop, an organization that repairs distressed garments so that they may be rehomed rather than discarded into landfills.  


Stio recognizes that it is not only the garments they produce that impact the environment but the shipping materials and practices. Because of this they ship their garments in recyclable materials and aim to refine their shipping practices. 


Stio has taken measures to ensure the natural world is preserved and accessible to all by investing in conservation efforts. For instance, they have invested in Burnt Mountain Natural Area, a 5,408-acre forest conservation project in Vermont, managed by The Nature Conservancy. The preservation of this land ensures that it can never be logged or leached of its natural resources. As a result, the 11,000-acre block of wildland cleans the air, removes pollutants, improves water quality, and slows the pace of climate change by storing carbon. This is equal to removing 38,000 cars from the road! Stio knows that preserving land is not a solution to the impacts of the global economy, however, they believe that investing in projects like Burnt Mountain Natural Area is a necessary step towards facilitating a global community of environmentally conscious, outdoor enthusiasts. 

Learn more on Stio’s continual efforts here


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Darn Tough Vermont’s Steps Towards Sustainability

“We are Darn Tough Vermont, and we know our success depends on the health of our community, the health of the environment, and our efforts to improve both.” – Darn Tough, 2021


Darn Tough Vermont is well aware that every sock they produce has lasting impacts on the planet. Their initial step towards facilitating a thriving environment is bucking against the fast-fashion business model to ensure their socks don’t end up in landfills a season after being purchased. They do this by producing the highest quality socks that can be worn season after season. They take this commitment to the next level by offering an unconditional lifetime guarantee. This in turn encourages consumers to send their socks back to Darn Tough to be repurposed or responsibly discarded rather than ending up in landfills. 


The materials Darn Tough Vermont utilizes are an important facet in their sustainability efforts. They prioritize Merino wool as it is one of nature’s most high-performance fibers as its qualities include breathability, durability, thermo-regulating, moisture-wicking, anti-microbial, odor-resistant, and renewable. While Merino wool is a superior alternative to synthetic materials it is not without its drawbacks. Because sheep burp, yes sheep belch, methane the wool represents a disproportionately large percentage of Darn Tough’s carbon footprint. To address this issue Darn Tough only works with wool producers who have earned and maintain their Responsible Wool Standard Certificate. These suppliers are required to adhere to “strict guidelines to protect animal welfare and adhere to progressive, sustainable farm and land management practices while maintaining traceability throughout the entire supply chain.” 


Beyond the production of the wool, there are significant carbon, chemical, and water expenditures associated with this part of the finishing process – also known as “superwash” – that wool is subjected to. This superwash practice is an important part of producing wool products that aren’t itchy but instead are soft, comfortable, shrink-resistant, and machine-washable. Darn Tough aims to reduce the impacts associated with the Merino wool they utilize. They continue to work with suppliers to identify and test more environmentally friendly, RWS-certified alternatives into their products. 


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LifeProof’s Steps Towards Sustainability

“We don’t have all the answers — but we’re asking the right questions to better manage our environmental footprint.” – LifeProof, 2021

LifeProof, the makers of the famously durable tech accessory cases, is combatting the degradation of this fair planet through several methods. To start, with the purchase of a LifeProof case, LifeProof donates $1 to one of the following organizations:

Coral Reef Alliance



Supporting action-oriented organizations is a necessary step but LifeProof decided to take a more direct approach to the climate crisis by developing their WĀKE line. WĀKE cases are made from 85% ocean-based plastic. Meaning plastic products that have been wrongly discarded into the ocean have been harvested and repurposed into extraordinary durable WĀKE cases. It’s said that 12 million tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans each year! LifeProof is giving this waist a new life and is working towards increasing the amount of ocean-based plastic in their designs without compromising the integrity of the case.  


To encourage customers to refrain from discarding their old WĀKE case irresponsibly and take steps closer to closing the production loop, LifeProof offers their LifeCycle program. By mailing in your old WĀKE case, LifeProof has the opportunity to recycle it into raw material and create something new! 


This year employees of LifeProof are not reporting to work on the 22nd. Instead, they are asked to spend the day volunteering in their local community. Additionally, LifeProof has partnered with American Rivers to promote and expand its EARTH MONTH program. Learn how to get involved in this program here. Last but not least, LifeProof is running a sitewide sale of 20% off beginning April 21st and ending on the 23rd. 


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Sago Mini Box and Toca Life Box Steps Towards Sustainability

Toca Life Box and Sago Mini Box are monthly subscription boxes catered for kids. Inside each box are activities, games, and rare items designed to inspire imaginative play and aid in child development. The packaging Both companies strive to lower the environmental impact of the products within the boxes. Currently, all of their paper products are made from recycled sources. Additionally, all the boxes and activities inside the boxes, except for the plastic figurines, can be recycled. 


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Earth Day Deals

We have compiled a list of promotions running in honor of Earth Day amongst the brands we partner with. 

Showers Pass – 10% off sitewide beginning  4/22/2021 until 4/25/2021.

LifeProof – 20% off sitewide beginning 4/21/2021 and ending 4/23/2021

Sago Mini Box – Free Shipping on all orders beginning 4/20/2021 and ending 4/26/2021

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