Survival Frog Donates N95 NIOSH Masks

Survival Frog Donates N95 NIOSH Masks

Donating N95 NIOSH Masks

As we all adjust to uncertainty and challenging times we’re happy to share how one client is helping Colorado healthcare workers stay protected during the COVID-19 pandemic. As you may know, protective gear for healthcare workers is in high demand. Some hospitals are lower on the priority list to receive the equipment, like masks, healthcare workers need to keep themselves and their patients safe. Receiving protective gear is based on location as well as the size of the population hospitals are servicing. Survival Frog is stepping up to help Colorado locations needing valuable N95 NIOSH FDA-approved face masks. Survival Frog is donating 10,000 N95 MIOSH masks to several smaller hospitals and clinics that are very low on the priority list for new personal protection equipment.

In addition to donating to smaller hospitals, Survival Frog is also helping larger hospitals source additional PPEs directly through their product suppliers.


How Survival Frog is helping hospitals:

  • Expedite the delivery of much-needed supplies
  • Source directly through suppliers to get that best pricing
  • Working with a trusted source to get PPEs (excellent product quality)

**Please note, Survival Frog is NOT selling any masks or PPEs to consumers at this time.**


From all of us at Clique, stay safe and healthy. Please follow stay-at-home guidelines for your area. And let’s take a moment to thank companies like Survival Frog for extending a helping hand.