Google’s New Algorithm And Affiliates: A Love Story Between Google and Content Creators

Google_s New Algorithm And Affiliates_ A Love Story

Basics Of The Algorithm Algorithms are systems used to retrieve data from an index of data. Google’s algorithm is this vast, complex network for systems retrieving data instantly. The retrieval of this data is also managed through ranking systems to deliver the most relevant web pages possible.   Google is constantly making updates to its algorithm…

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What Content Affiliates Need To Know About Brand Partnerships: Measure Brand Equity

What Content Affiliates Need To Know About Brand Partnerships_ How to Measure Brand Equity

These days content creators are inundated with affiliate program invites. It can be difficult to siphon through the noise and identify the brands worth partnering with. To help you navigate through the noise, we have compiled tried and true insights to accurately measure brand equity and determine ideal partnerships. Key Affiliate Program Offers To Require…

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