About Clique

Our journey to becoming an award-winning performance marketing agency


Connecting Passionate Brands With Passionate People

Everyone has a motto these days -
mottos are easy.

But do they really tell the whole story? At Clique, our motto drives all aspects of our daily work with every client. Through many years of cultivating relationships and maintaining high standards of digital marketing best practices, we have become the authority on creating and optimizing custom affiliate programs for direct-to-consumer, premium full-price, and discount-driven business models.

We work with brands & retailers of all sizes with one commonality: a passion to create something unique that is coveted and admired by a loyal following.

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Clique. Not just another agency.

We are your guide to navigating the complexities of performance marketing.  Our mission is clear:  To create profitable and highly optimized affiliate programs for forward thinking direct-to-consumer brands and ecommerce retailers in the Outdoors, Lifestyle and other verticals.

No compromises here!  We’re committed to delivering the highest quality of service, backed by proven strategies that consistently drive new customers, incremental revenue and maximize your return on ad spend.

Connecting passionate brands with passionate people! This is more than a slogan, it’s our driving force.  We thrive on fostering strong publisher/network/client relationships and mutual trust, setting us apart from the competition. 

What We Do

We create new, or level-up existing affiliate marketing programs for direct-to-consumer brands and ecommerce retailers using our CliqueNav™ Model.

Our proven strategy targets the five key principles of performance marketing:

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    Relationship Management

Our unique approach focuses on publisher diversification and is intended to reach and re-engage new customers at every step of the shopping journey, providing consistent and repeatable results for our clients.



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Brian Boyd

Founder & CEO

Brian is the Founder and CEO of Clique Affiliate Marketing, the first performance marketing agency dedicated specifically to direct-to-consumer brands in the outdoor industry.

He has 18 years of experience managing affiliate programs and has received both an Affiliate Manager of the Year Award and multiple Agency of the Year Awards.   His content-first approach and unique strategy for success in affiliate marketing have attracted leading brands and retailers to partner with Clique.Away from the office he enjoys family camping trips, fly fishing, mountain biking, snowboarding, geeky science fiction books, and New England-style IPAs.

DD Yanoti

Senior Affiliate Program Manager

DD is Clique's Senior Affiliate Program Manager. She is a results-driven individual, adept at developing and executing customized affiliate programs that maximize brand awareness, new customer acquisition, and ROAS.

DD is skilled in fostering productive relationships, negotiating contracts, and analyzing data to optimize channel performance. She is a lifelong outdoor enthusiast. Whether on the beaches of Fire Island or in the woods of Upstate, New York, DD revels in adventuring with her family, friends, and beloved dog Diggity.

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The clique story

Our Journey To becoming an Award-Winning Performance Marketing Agency

At the age of five, while backpacking with his father through the Colorado mountains, Clique founder, Brian Boyd discovered a love of the outdoors.  He certainly did not realize it at the time, but

this trip would be the foundation for developing an agency that combined his passion for the outdoors, with performance marketing.


After college, Brian scored his dream job as an Affiliate Manager at Backcountry.com, one of the leaders in outdoor e-commerce in the United States.   It was here he was able to fine-tune his skills and learn about both the Outdoor and Performance Marketing industries.


From the beginning, it was clear the priority at Backcountry was to build a program with "core publishers" that embodied the outdoor lifestyle.   These publishers were able to communicate and reach Backcountry's target customers using influence and endemic content. It was then that Brian realized this content-first approach to affiliate marketing was a one-of-a-kind (at the time) solution for premium brands in the Outdoor Industry.   Soon after, Brian began consulting for brands and retailers like TheClymb, LifeProof, and GoLite, using this strategy to deliver incredible results.


As demand for Brian's consulting services increased the need to expand and "make this more official" became evident.  With the help of a friend and his own industry connections, the idea for Clique was born.


In May 2010, Clique Affiliate Marketing was open for business.  Clique would offer a unique, content-first approach to performance marketing that aimed to deliver new customers and incremental sales from endemic communities. By immersing ourselves in the verticals we're passionate about, we became industry experts, allowing us to cultivate partnerships with publishers and editors committed to delivering unique content for our clients.


Our Work

Stio enjoys a 25% hike in sales with a successful migration to the Impact Affiliate Network


TheClymb experiences immediate month-over-month growth under Clique's expert management

Lifeproof's affiliate program, launched by Clique, produced six figures of revenue in the first six months

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