Born in the mountains

KÜHL defies and opposes mediocrity. They are born from the rebellious philosophy to question everything, break rules, and challenge the status quo.

Client: Kuhl

Category: Outdoor, Casual, Mountain & Hiking clothes

PAssion: Customer satisfaction. Free Will. Never settling for second best.

Part of the clique since: 2022

network(s): Rakuten Advertising

value propositions: $175+ Average Order Value, Free Shipping On Orders Over $100

commission: Up to 8%

cookie duration: 30 Days


KÜHL remains as an independently and privately owned company in the outdoor space, since they don’t have Shareholders. They only answer to Ü. They’re here to inspire you to follow your true calling, true passions and support independents in all walks of life. They believe this all begins with great staff. Their entire team possesses the desire and passion to produce the best outdoor products on the market. Once in the hands of valued customers, it is their hope that their new purchase will ignite their passion for the Great Outdoors.

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