Affiliate Program Audit

Program Audits By Clique

At Clique, we're all about helping you maximize your affiliate marketing potential. That's why we offer free affiliate program audits for potential clients. Our audits take a look into your current program, pinpointing any gaps that might be holding you back from optimal profitability. Think of it as a roadmap for a more lucrative partnership with us, so we can turn gaps into gains!

We are experts in affiliate program optimization and can help identify common oversights that can lead to poor performance, increased spending, program stagnation, and brand degradation.



In order for us to perform a meaningful audit of your program, we'll need a couple of key things:

1 - Temporary login credentials to the affiliate platform where your program is currently hosted. Create a temporary account for BEFORE you fill out the audit form.

2 - While there are no strings attached to your audit, and you are not obligated to work with us once completed, we are only able to offer complimentary audits to brands that are willing to explore a meaningful partnership with an agency (hopefully us!) to manage/optimize your affiliate program.

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