Former Clique Affiliate Marketing client, offers is an entirely different way to shop for outdoor, snowsports, and cycling gear. The Clymb is a private retail community connecting premium outdoor brands with passionate, influential consumers. Its partner brands offer preferred pricing to members of The Clymb community, so a secure login is required to shop the site. The Clymb holds 72 hour flash sales events featuring broad product selections and up to 70% off the best brands in the outdoor industry including Burton, Mountain Hardwear, Reef, Kelty, Sierra Designs, and more.


In September 2010, launched an exclusive affiliate program through the AvantLink Affiliate Network. Despite initial success, overall sales and affiliate participation eventually declined without a dedicated affiliate manager. In an effort to tap into relationships within the outdoor industry as well as provide dedicated affiliate management, The Clymb partnered with Clique Affiliate Marketing to manage and expand its affiliate marketing channel.


Results from the new partnership between The Clymb and Clique Affiliate Marketing were immediate. In February 2011 Clique Affiliate Marketing implemented a dynamic ad campaign strategy, allowing affiliate partners to marketing flash sales at the brand level. Over the next 11 months (the remainder of 2011), The Clymb averaged 25% month-over-month growth, and reached several key milestones:
  • Monthly affiliate sales over $100,000
  • The Clymb was awarded the “Most Improved Affiliate Program Of 2011” by an industry leading forum
  • Hundreds of new members and loyal customers were acquired through the affiliate program
  • Over half a million dollars in affiliate sales were generated for the year
In addition to the successful turnaround of the existing program, 2012 also saw a tremendous expansion within The Clymb’s affiliate base. In 2012 alone, over 300 new endemic, coupon, loyalty, and third-party tool provider websites were recruited into The Clymb’s affiliate program. As a result of the expansion, the program achieved several new milestones:
  • Affiliate sales contributing an average 12% of total online sales
  • Affiliate sales conversion rates averaging 9.35%
  • Affiliate program sales of $2.2 million
  • Year-over-year growth of 226%
  • Thousands of additional members and loyal customers acquired



When it comes to affiliate marketing, unique brands and business models like require an innovative approach to program management and successful program expansion. Through aggressive endemic recruitment, website optimization, branding, and best practice strategies, Clique Affiliate Marketing was able to transform an affiliate program operating under $50,000 in 2010 affiliate sales to over $2.2 million in 2012. At Clique Affiliate Marketing, it is our belief that in order to cultivate a dynamic affiliate program we must truly understand the foundations of our clients’ vision, brand, and business model. In the case of, Clique strove to completely understand The Clymb’s current loyalty base as well as future customer expansion opportunities. This understanding not only allowed Clique to determine and target ideal affiliate partners but also ushered in relationships that helped secure preferred placement and exclusive publisher opportunities. In-turn, Clique helped provide unparalleled month-over-month growth for a previously declining affiliate program. At Clique Affiliate Marketing we’re experts at connecting passion and lifestyle brands with loyal influential customers. Please contact us to set up a meeting regarding our services. copy