Toca Life Box Affiliate Program

Toca Life Box

Introducing The Toca Life Box Affiliate Program MERCHANT: Toca Life Box [JOIN TODAY] COMMISSION: Starting Commission of $10 Per Sale PASSION: Toca Life Box harnesses the power of play. How do they do this? By providing children with toys that stimulate their developing minds while celebrating their diversity and quirkiness! NETWORK: PepperJame VALUE PROPS: 30…

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Showers Pass Affiliate Program

Showers Pass Lifestyle

Introducing The Showers Pass Affiliate Program MERCHANT: Showers Pass [JOIN TODAY] COMMISSION: 7% Content Partners, 4% Coupon & Loyalty Partners. PASSION: Provides technically advanced active apparel and gear to inspire and enable the pursuit of outdoor adventures.  NETWORK: AvantLink VALUE PROPS: 30 Cookie Duration, Worldwide Shipping, Frequent Sales & Exclusive Coupons, Product Review Opportunities, AOV…

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Outdoor Master Affiliate Program

Outdoor Master Lifestyle

Introducing Outdoor Master Affiliate Program MERCHANT: Outdoor Master (JOIN TODAY) COMMISSION: 13% Content Partners, 8% Coupon & Loyalty Partners PASSION: Providing quality gear at an affordable price NETWORK: AvantLink VALUE PROPS: 180 Cookie Duration, Worldwide Shipping, Frequent Sales & Exclusive Coupons, Product Review Opportunities About Outdoor Master Outdoor Master (OM) began with a group of outdoor enthusiasts joined by…

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Defining Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Equals Teamwork

Webster’s Dictionary defines affiliate marketing as… Instead of defining affiliate marketing lets go through some real-life examples, advantages, and disadvantages. You’ve likely heard of Affiliate Marketing recently as it’s a digital channel that performs well in times of economic uncertainty and is cost effective. If you’re an ecommerce retailer or direct-to-consumer brand looking to acquire…

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Our Clients: Brands Proudly Made In The U.S.A

Fireworks Celebration

Made in The U.S.A. When you see brands with the “Made in the U.S.A” tag on it, what words immediately come to mind?  For me, it’s words like premium, quality, excellence, pride. These brands have made a conscious decision to keep their operations here in the U.S, and I for one love supporting them. At…

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Eco-Friendly WĀKE Series Case From Lifeproof

This is WĀKE

Clique has been partnered with Lifeproof since our early years, and we wanted to share their newest eco-friendly WĀKE Series Case and their efforts to repurpose harmful plastics found in our oceans. Each year, over 12M metric tons of plastic/garbage end up in our oceans around the world. Lifeproof is giving some of that garbage…

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The Survival Summit Affiliate Program

The Survival Summit

MERCHANT: The Survival Summit (JOIN TODAY) COMMISSION: 20% Training Films & Memberships, 10% Survival Gear PASSION: Teach basic survival skills necessary during any event NETWORK: AvantLink VALUE PROPS: Little to no competition, review opportunities, commission promotions/performance incentives, seasonal sales and discounts   Introducing The Survival Summit Affiliate Program The Survival Summit is a production company that works with…

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Survival Frog Donates N95 NIOSH Masks

Survival Frog Donates N95 NIOSH Masks

Donating N95 NIOSH Masks As we all adjust to uncertainty and challenging times we’re happy to share how one client is helping Colorado healthcare workers stay protected during the COVID-19 pandemic. As you may know, protective gear for healthcare workers is in high demand. Some hospitals are lower on the priority list to receive the…

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5 Reasons Affiliate Programs Fail

Why Affiliate Programs Fail

While the concept of affiliate marketing may be simply the execution of creating a program that delivers results is extremely complex. Avoid falling flat on your face by understanding why affiliate programs fail. Here are our top 5 reasons you affiliate program fail: 1. AFFILIATE PROGRAMS FAILING TO INVEST IN EXPERIENCE A common mistake in…

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ENVE Composites Affiliate Program

ENVE Client Blog Entry

Introducing ENVE Composites Affiliate Program MERCHANT: ENVE Composites (JOIN TODAY) COMMISSION: 6% PASSION: Creating the world’s best carbon fiber wheels and components without compromise NETWORK: AvantLink VALUE PROPS: Handmade in the U.S.A., 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, lifetime loyalty guarantee, financing options through Affirm About ENVE ENVE creates the world’s best carbon fiber wheels and components for mountain, road,…

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